Originally published on July 6, 2016

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Section 1: Yammer and Microsoft Teams

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  1. So Now Microsoft Axes the Yammer Community Team by Carrie Basham Young
  2. Enterprise Social, Step Up by Benjamin Elias
  3. Working out loud on Career Transition by Simon Terry
  4. Everyone, Anytime, Everywhere, Anything (Alternate Title: Last night, a CSM saved my life) by Jonathan Anthony
  5. Lessons on Working Out Loud from GSK by Gloria Lombardi
  6. On community. On, Community! by Amy Dolzine
  7. Microsoft and Yammer — a misunderstanding? by Kai Riemer
  8. A tribute to the best Customer Success Management team… by Paul Woods
  9. Microsoft axes its Yammer / Office 365 CSMs: a change in strategy or simple cost cutting? by Loryan Strant
  10. Thank you O365 Customer Success Managers — you’ve changed my life. by Rhiannan Howell
  11. Yammer loses Community Support Managers by Stephen Bounds
  12. Reports of Yammer’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated by Christian Buckley
  13. Yammered by Matt Moore
  14. Yammer: The Struggles of a Social Platform by Jasper Oosterveld
  15. ‘Microsoft Has Cash to Spend’ & Other Theories on the LinkedIn Acquisition by Dom Nicastro
  16. 9 Surprising Yammer Alternatives [True or False?] by Olga Mykhoparkina
  17. Will Microsoft Teams Hammer Yammer? by Tom Petrocelli
  18. Why Microsoft Teams Flopped And What It Means For Slack by Dmitry Davydov
  19. Microsoft Teams vs. Yammer — Should You Be Worried? by Benjamin Niaulin
  20. “NOW it makes sense!” — Microsoft’s Collaboration Story in a Single Slide by David Branscome
  21. Microsoft Is Sending Collaboration Loopy by Sam Marshall
  22. How Microsoft Teams Encourages Employee Collaboration by Asif Rehmani
  23. Is Microsoft Teams the ‘Portal’ We’ve Been Looking For? by Jed Cawthorne
  24. 10 tips to get started with Microsoft Teams by Susan Hanley
  25. Microsoft Teams and Yammer: Why the Two Are Fundamentally Different by Armin Kammerlander

Section 2: Jive

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  1. Compare Yammer vs. Jive by FinancesOnline
  2. Jive vs Yammer Comparison Chart by GetApp
  3. Yammer vs. Jive: You can’t always get what you want by Scott Robinson
  4. Jive-n vs Yammer by IT Central Station
  5. Jive-x vs Microsoft Yammer by Trust Radius
  6. How do Jive and Yammer compare? in Quora
  7. Will Jive Customers Win With Lithium Takeover? by Dom Nicastro
  8. Compare Jive vs Slack by G2 Crowd
  9. Jive vs Slack Comparison Chart by GetApp
  10. Jive vs Slack vs Workplace by Facebook by Project Management Zone

Section 3: Slack and Chat

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  1. What is the difference between Yammer and Slack? by Ankit Prasad
  2. Slack vs. HipChat vs. Yammer by Derek Walter
  3. Yammer vs Slack Comparison Chart of Features by GetApp
  4. Microsoft Yammer vs Slack by TrustRadius
  5. Slack vs Yammer by Mobilized
  6. HipChat vs Slack vs Yammer System Properties Comparison by Project Management Zone
  7. Slack vs Yammer System Properties Comparison by Project Management Zone
  8. Slack vs Yammer. The Best Enterprise Social Software by LiveEnterprise
  9. Yammer vs. Slack by Trevor Molag
  10. Slack, Yammer & Facebook: Who’ll win the collaboration battle? by Ben Davis
  11. The chat overload is just beginning by Lee Bryant
  12. The Rise of Work Chat Anti-Hype by Stowe Boyd
  13. Is group chat making you sweat? by Jason Fried
  14. Why I’m breaking up with Slack by Samuel Hulick
  15. What Do You Call the Integration of Slack and Skype? by Derek Walter and Noreen Seebacher
  16. It’s not the drug, it’s the user. by Leon Benjamin
  17. Microsoft mulled an $8 billion bid for Slack, will focus on Skype instead by Jon Russell and Ingrid Lunden
  18. Slack beats email, but still needs to get better by Walt Mossberg
  19. Will Slack and Facebook at Work Invade Large Enterprises? by Dinesh Tantri
  20. How ChatOps can revolutionize your business by Tomer Levy

Section 4: Workplace by Facebook

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  1. The Biggest Problem with Facebook Workplace by Tony Byrne
  2. Taking a critical look at Workplace by Facebook by Tony Byrne
  3. Is Facebook Workplace for you? by Kashyap Kompella
  4. A year after launch, how has Facebook’s Workplace fared? by Matthew Finnegan
  5. Facebook’s plan to convince businesses Workplace beats Slack and Microsoft Teams by Khari Johnson
  6. Facebook’s Workplace Could Replace All Emails Within Your Company by Howard Yu
  7. Facebook’s Workplace is set to give Slack and Yammer some competition in enterprise software by Joon Ian Wong
  8. Facebook Workplace: How does it work, what does it cost, and when can you use it? by Elyse Betters
  9. Workplace by Facebook opens to sell enterprise social networking to the masses by Ingrid Lunden
  10. Facebook Plans to Shape Up Social Software for Work in 2016 by Rachael King
  11. Online chatting at work gets the thumbs up from bosses by Catherine Lawson
  12. Facebook at Work: The Next Wave of Enterprise Social, or the next Google Wave? by Rich Wood
  13. Facebook at Work is a Game-Changer, Folks by Rich Wood
  14. Which Enterprise Social Network is Right for Your Intranet? by Chris Wright
  15. Telenor Rolls Out Facebook at Work for All 35K Workers by Angus Loten
  16. Facebook at Work — Platform Strategy To Unlock New Value by Dinesh Tantri
  17. Facebook at Work — Connecting The Dots by Dinesh Tantri
  18. Will Slack and Facebook at Work Invade Large Enterprises? by Dinesh Tantri
  19. Facebook Work Chat — Bringing “Enterprise” back into “Enterprise Social” by Dinesh Tantri
  20. Facebook At Work & The Enterprise Social Graph by Dinesh Tantri
  21. Who Needs Community Managers When There’s Facebook at Work? by Carrie Basham Young
  22. Comparing Facebook at Work to Enterprise Social Networks by Carrie Basham Young
  23. Enterprise Social Evangelists: Be Very Afraid of Facebook at Work by Carrie Basham Young
  24. ‘Microsoft Has Cash to Spend’ & Other Theories on the LinkedIn Acquisition — Bracing for Facebook at Work by Dom Nicastro
  25. Facebook’s Workplace, now at 30,000 orgs, adds Chat desktop apps and group video chat by Ingrid Lunden
  26. Yammer vs Workplace by Facebook Comparison Chart by GetApp
  27. Workplace by Facebook vs Microsoft Teams Comparison Chart by GetApp
  28. Slack vs Workplace by Facebook Comparison Chart by GetApp
  29. Jive vs Workplace by Facebook Comparison Chart by GetApp
  30. G Suite vs Workplace by Facebook Comparison Chart by GetApp

Section 5: Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs)

  1. When to delete in Yammer
  2. Yaminade Podcast with Paul Woods
  3. ESN Platforms
  4. ESN Vendor Requirements
  5. ESNs: Vision, Benefits, and Principles
  6. ESN Tradeoffs
  7. Useful ESN analytics
  8. ESNs
  9. Questions & Answers on ESNs
  10. Articles and Presentations about ESNs
  11. The Three Speeds of Collaboration: Tool Selection and Culture Fit by Davide ‘Folletto’ Casali
  12. Can Online Personas Improve your Collaboration Behaviour? by Laurence Lock Lee
  13. 12 Tips for Building a Successful Enterprise Social Network by Jeff Ross
  14. Tips for Leaders Engaging With Employees in an ESN by Jeff Ross
  15. ESN Playbook by Jeff Ross

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